Monitoring Bacterial Meningitis after Introducing Vaccines for S. Pneumoniae, H. Influenza Type B and N. Meningitidis A in Cameroon
HUG project leader Pr Alain Gervaix, Dr Beat Stoll
Department, division Department of Children and Adolescent, Division of Pediatric Emergency
Country partner Cameroon
Project partner abroad Dr Jean Taguebue
Department, division
Institution Child and Mother Hospital, Chantal Byia Foundation Yaounde
Starting date 2012
Ending date Ongoing
Bacterial meningitis is responsible for a high mortality and morbidity in Cameroon, which is why vaccines against S. Pneumoniae, H. Influenza type B and N. Meningitidis sg A, were recently introduced into this country with the help of the GAVI alliance. However, in a previous study done in this country, we demonstrated that only 62% of the S. Pneumoniae serotypes in Cameroon are covered by the vaccine, causing uncertainty about the impact of this vaccine in the country (Gervaix A and al. Pediatr Infect Dis J, 2012 in press). The purpose of this study consists of establishing a surveillance network for bacterial meningitis in Cameroon, measuring the vaccination impact and monitoring the S. Pneumoniae serotypes.



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