HUG project leader Haran Burri, Louis Paulin Mondouagne Engkolo,
Department, division Médecin adjoint agrégé, Département des spécialités de Médecine, Service de Cardiologie, HUG / Médecin interne, Département des spécialités de Médecine, Service de Cardiologie, HUG
Country partner Cameroon
Project partner abroad Henry Luma Namme
Department, division Directeur Médical, Hôpital général de Douala, Cameroun
Institution Hôpital général de Douala, Cameroun
Starting date 07/01/2014
Ending date 03/31/2015
In Cameroon, in addition to infectious diseases, the management of cardiovascular disease is a major health policy issues. In this domain, arrhythmias (atrioventricular block degenerative, post-infarction, post-surgical, congenital etc.) are increasingly diagnosed, requiring special care including cardiac stimulation through implantable devices (Pacemakers). In addition to basic training in cardiology, the management of arrythmias requires specific expertise. Although the pacing needs in Cameroon are real, there is currently no national training.This project consists first to complete the training in general cardiology of Doctor Mondouagne, then training in pacing (implantation, explantation and monitoring pacemakers) in the clinical activity of HUG, supervised by Doctors Burri and Sunthorn. After training, Dr. Mondouagne is guaranteed to integrate Douala General Hospital, a center of reference of the sub-region of Central Africa, which already has an operational infrastructure

Humanitarian component of the project will reside in the collection of explanted pacemakers not older than 2 years, from different Swiss hospitals in order to be reimplanted in Cameroon after sterilization, as observed in some northern European countries. This would provide at lower cost this expensive equipment in order to help the Cameroonian population.