HUG project leader Cem Gabay, ,
Department, division Spécialités de Médecine, Rhumatologie / /
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Country partner Cameroun
Project partner abroad Madeleine Ngandeu, ,
Department, division Médecine Interne, Rhumatologie / /
Institution Hôpital Central&Faculté de Médecine, Yaoundé, Cameroun / /
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Starting date 01/04/2008
Ending date
The collaboration project started with the training of Dr Ngandeu as rheumatologist in Geneva in 2000. Professor Gabay then pursued the collaboration by regular visits in Yaoundé with the aim of teaching medical students and post-gardate trainees, as well as providing his expertise for the management of difficult cases (outpatient clinic and rounds). The two institutes also collaborated on a clinical research project on rheumatoid arthritis in Cameroun that included genetic and serological analysis. This research has been successful with several published papers. Dr Ngandeu was recently appointed as Professor and is acting as Vice-Dean at the Medical Faculty of Yaoundé. The collaboration is ongoing with visits of Prof. Gabay in Yaoundé, the training of another rheumatologist, and the extension of the research project to a larger cohort of patients followed in Doualla.