HUG project leader Caroline Matis
Department, division DRMP,Médecine palliative, EMASP
Country partner Kirghizistan
Project partner abroad Guljahan Pirnazarova
Department, division Département d'Oncologie, Hôpital Général
Institution KRMICE , Institut d'état de médecine Kirghize
Starting date 11/05/2015
Ending date
An initial meeting on the palliative care with the support of the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute for Retraining and Continuing Medical Education in Bishkek, has allowed to realize the translation, in Russian, of the brochure HUG " palliative care, memory help for carers ". A first mission of identification of needs and evaluation is made on the ground in May, 2015. It is highlighted, an absence of practice despite knowledge of professionals who have little training. The objective is to define strategies for recognizing the necessity of the use of evaluation tools in palliative care and to identify the representations of the nursing. By the end of 2015, we shall participate in the adaptation of the brochure HUG under Pocket book size bound for the professionals. Before two years, we suggest leading jointly, a survey multicentrique on the representations of the healthcare professionals and the students of the sectors of health care and medical Kirghiz. The expected result will be the capacity of the trainers to transmit ways adapted in the various institutions and in programs of continuous trainings in palliative care, by taking into account the exploitation of tools to be used with the patients affected by chronic diseases.