Collaboration for Rheumatology between HUG and HCY in Cameroun

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HUG project leader Cem Gabay, , Department, division Spécialités de Médecine, Rhumatologie / / e-mail, , Country partner Cameroun Project partner abroad Madeleine Ngandeu, , Department, division Médecine Interne, Rhumatologie / / Institution Hôpital Central&Faculté de Médecine, Yaoundé, Cameroun / / e-mail, , Starting date 01/04/2008 Ending date The collaboration project started with the training of Dr Ngandeu as rheumatologist in Geneva in 2000. Professor Gabay then pursued the collaboration by regular visits in Yaoundé with the aim of teaching medical students and post-gardate trainees, as well as providing his expertise for the management of difficult cases (outpatient clinic and rounds). The two institutes also collaborated on a clinical research project on rheumatoid arthritis in Cameroun that included genetic and serological analysis. This research has been successful with several published papers. Dr Ngandeu was recently appointed as Professor and is acting as Vice-Dean at the Medical Faculty of Yaoundé. The collaboration is ongoing with visits of Prof. Gabay in Yaoundé, the training of another rheumatologist, and the extension of the research project to a larger cohort of patients followed in Doualla.  ...

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Pediatric Epileptology

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HUG project leader CHRISTIAN KORFF, , Department, division DEPARTEMENT DE L'ENFANT ET DE L'ADOLESCENT / / e-mail, , Country partner Vietnam Project partner abroad Pierre Jallon, , Department, division NEUROPEDIATRIE / / Institution HOPITAL NHI DONG 2 / / e-mail, , Starting date 10/01/2015 Ending date 17/01/2015 Nhi Dông 2 Hospital(Grall) in Saïgon is one of the biggest pediatric centers in Southeast Asia. Numerous patients with epilepsy are treated there on a daily basis. Expertise in pediatric epileptology remains however insufficient. in Vietnam, despite an estimated prevalence of up to 10% in certain regions of the country (Jallon, RMS, 2006). To our knowledge, no pediatric neurologist with specific education in the field works in Vietnam. An important proportion of epileptic children does not have access to basic care.  ...

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Strengthening Technical Capacity, Sustainability, and Decentralization of Rehabilitation Services in Haiti

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HUG project leader François Chappuis, Anne Bourgeois Hadir, Department, division Service de médecine tropicale et humanitaire / Service de médecine tropicale et humanitaire / e-mail,, Country partner Haïti Project partner abroad Patrick Sénia, , Department, division Directeur Programme Haïti pour Handicap International / / Institution Handicap international / / e-mail, , Starting date 01/02/2011 Ending date 31/12/2016 Project in partnership with Handicap International en Haiti, included in a wide project financed by USAID and initiated in 2011 (" Promotion of functional rehabilitation professions in Haiti"). As the country doesn't have a school of Physiotherapy, the needs for functional rehabilitation are immense, and even greater since the 2010 earthquake, which caused over 200000 injured. The first phase of the project was the training of rehabilitation technicians (equivalent to physio-assistants, 2500h of training) .The HUG participated by providing twice a year specialised technical modules for the students (training amputees care, hand, hemiplegia, burns and spinal cord injuries rehabilitation). A 2nd part of the HUG participation was providing training of trainers' workshops, with focus on differenciated education, and on clinical education ans supervision tools. The 3rd part was dedicated to seminars of continuing education for the haitian physiotherapists (20-30, all graduated from abroad). The 2nd phase consists in strenghtening and/or implementing services and newly graduated professionals into the public hospitals. 6 hospitals are targeted, and the HUG input is presently given through training/ sensibilisation at the clinical level, with technicians, nurses and resident doctors. In addition, continuing education seminars are provided to rehabilitation professionals.  ...

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Support to the medical education reform in Kyrgyzstan

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This project financed by SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation Agency) from 2008 to 2012 was a backstopping mandate carried out by the Geneva University Hospital(HUG) through the Division of Tropical and Humanitarian medicine (DTHM) and University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine (UNIGE) through the Unit of Development and Research in Medical Education (UDREM) on reforms of the pre-graduate medical education in Kyrgyzstan.

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Clinical training in the pacemaker for Cameroon

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This project consists first to complete the training in general cardiology of Doctor Mondouagne, then training in pacing (implantation, explantation and monitoring pacemakers) in the clinical activity of HUG, supervised by Doctors Burri and Sunthorn. After training, Dr. Mondouagne is guaranteed to integrate Douala General Hospital, a center of reference of the sub-region of Central Africa, which already has an operational infrastructure.

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