The University Hospitals of Geneva and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva have long been committed to international cooperation. Beyond expertise and useful ways to strengthen the development of capacities in countries with limited resources, this opening to the world also represents opportunities for the exchange of  knowledge  and  the sharing of experience.

Numerous publications and initiatives demonstrate the diversity and the efforts for cooperation carried out  by the participants in the Geneva hospital-university network. However, the global visibility of these projects has been limited both within our institution and outside our walls. It is time for that to change!

To fill this need in a dynamic way and to give better visibility to these remarkable collaborations, a web site is now available.

Interactive mapping makes it possible to visualise all the projects and to localise immediately these collaborations. Every project has an individual index form, containing a summary of the project, the country where it takes place and the name of the collaborators. These index forms can include multimedia material such as videos, photos and other relevant documents. The project index forms are grouped according to several categories - clinical, teaching, research - that can be easily sorted out. And to increase interaction and exchange ,  visitors can contribute  comments on a project. Index forms currently in French will soon be available in English giving them better international visibility.

Finally, it is important to mention that this site is part of a network of interconnected sites concerning global health, whose address opens the door. This community site provides workspace (discussion, research, project management) which can be used by the administrators of cooperation projects to facilitate their work.